The Sola Pop-Up Market is a curated market with the interests of our customers at the forefront. We aim to put together a pop-up environment unique to Raleigh, featuring local artisans who produce quality handmade items. Our market has the small business in mind, and because of that we do not accept applications from vendors selling MLM products, knock-offs, or items that have not been made personally by the applicant’s business. We love the city of Raleigh and aim to highlight its unique character through the Sola Pop-Up. For this reason we will only accept vendors who are local to the area for the market. In addition, Sola is a community & family centered cafe and we will not accept applications from vendors whose product we do not feel would be well received by our customers.


To participate in the Sola Pop-Up, you will need to fill out an application below, pay the application fee, and wait to hear back from us (if you haven’t received a response within 16 days, please check in! We would hate to have missed you!). Once you have been accepted, you will have 7 days to pay your vendor fee (you must pay for all market dates you are participating in within the quarter you applied for) via paypal. Vendors fees will vary according to requested booths, 5x6 - $35 and 10x10 - $45. This secures your position in the market. If you should need to drop out of any market dates, you may do so within this 7 day period. Please note that vendors who drop out more than 7 days after their acceptance will not receive a refund on their vendor fee. This helps to ensure that we do not have any empty booths on market day. Your compliance with our complete application process helps to ensure that we have the best pop-up possible! Thanks for helping us in this effort.

Pop-up applications will open quarterly for a two week period. To ensure you don’t miss the application window, subscribe to our pop-up newsletter. 2019’s application dates are listed below:

SPRING: February, March, April (applications open January 5th) - CLOSED

SUMMER: May, June, July (applications open April 1st) -CLOSED

FALL: August, September, October (applications open July 1st) - CLOSED

HOLIDAY: November, December - CLOSED


Our application process is divided into quarterly market periods, with each quarter’s application requiring a $10 application fee. We will not review an application until we have received the corresponding $10 application fee payment. Please understand that this helps us to have appropriate time to thoroughly review each complete application.